We had a post birthday celebration for my darling housemate, Soo Hong last Wednesday. Girl turned twenty-two on the 24th of September. Since we were all on long holidays during that time, we couldn’t give her a bash. So Sing Cher, my other beloved housemate decided that we’d do it on Wednesday as it was a public holiday here in Manipal.

It was meant to be a surprise party. To cut it short, me and Sing Cher had planned to bake her a cake. That was a pudding cake with toppings of bananas and covered with a thin layer of jelly. I would say it was a simple and light cake, yet to our delights, it was way too delicious considering the satisfaction we had from a home-baked-cake. We even prepared some sushi for the occasion.

Anyways, it was my first attempt in making sushi. Hadn’t had much ingredients to sandwich in between the sushi. I had only eggs, cucumbers and carrots in mind. You know I’m not a fan of Jap foods. So I could barely remember the taste of an excellent sushi. By instinct, I concocted the ingredients with synthetic vinegar and some sugar. The end result was surely less tasty than it should be with rice vinegar. What to do? I’m still wandering within my toddler skills when it comes to cooking and baking.


Another uni semester has begun. Without noticing, I’m already in semester 5. On my way to completing the 50th percentage of being a medical officer. This sem is going to be challenging. I will be starting my clinical posting next week onwards and it’s going to mark my career practice in the hospital. Will be learning all the history takings for different departments. Clinical years are in fact more interesting, yet I returned home everyday feeling really burned out. Just too hectic for me cuz I have to travel pass the bumpy roads to Udupi(15 mins away from where I am now) every morning, lunch and evening.

All in all, these grumbles can never out shine the enthusiasm I have towards my future. I chose this path with no regrets. I promise.

Visiting Hong Kong this time was indeed one of the best trip I ever had. When the family unites, we do different jobs. Dad purchased Malaysia Airlines at just Rm1600 for the 3 of us(himself, mom and I). Mom booked our stay at Metropark Hotel Kowloon via the agency at Rm1800 for 3 splendid nights. Wrecking my mind to think for a suitable itinerary was a whole load of fun and thrills.

Upon landing, we were sort of agitated by the weather itself. Freaking 33`C was intolerant to us. Yes, that’s the summer temptation in HK. The tour guide picked us up from the airport and brought us straight to the ample Metropark. So the rest of the day is solely ours! Hurriedly unpacked our luggages and proceeded outdoor for the first destination. We decided to walk all the way to the Ladies’ Market which is about 10 mins away from the hotel.

#1. The Ladies Market is a shopping street, almost like the Petaling Street of KL. This was when mom and I used our broken cantonese. Obviously, those aunties knew we were foreigners, so we hadn't purchased anything here.

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A couple of friends had requested for more updates on my Hong Kong trip. I’m so sorry for I’ve been too lazy to even eat my meals properly. The clock struck 5pm now, and I could see the faintest stream of the sunset glowing through my windows. But I’ve just woken up from a long pleasant nap, so I suppose you could understand why I’m slacking here and yeah, I’m drowsy still. I promise, if I find the blogging mood smacking me, I’ll immediately upload more photos! For even this is a short post. =) Have a nice day!

I was never good at maintaining a blog. So here I go… all over again… See I’m yet another lousy blogger. Oh, whatever. *great toast to myself*